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Meter Readings
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Is the property fitted with a smoke detection or Fire Detection system, been tested in your presence and is in correct working order? Have you been shown how to activate or silence the device if required to do so? *

By clicking yes I confirm that the Fire / smoke detection system has been tested in my presence and is in full working order.

I agree that if there is a fault with the system or any audible sound I will report this to the landlord immediately and I absolve the landlord from any responsibility should I fail to comply.



I am aware that smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises including my bedroom I declare that I will not smoke in my room or anywhere else and understand that if I breach this rule I will be putting my tenancy at risk and I will be charged for all cleaning costs.

We have a zero tolerance towards drugs and illegal substances, should you be found using or storing any illegal substance then your tenancy will be terminated with immediate effect.


Keys and Security

This property has been provided with a full set of keys.

I can confirm that the keys have been tested in my presence and are in full working order.

I agree that if I lose my keys I will be liable for having all the locks at the property replaced at my cost. If I suspect that my keys have been stolen then I agree to obtain a crime reference number and to supply this to the landlord.

  1. The following charges will apply
    Lockout from the property caused by the tenants negligence
    The landlord cannot guarantee to be available to attend the property at all times to use the landlords copy of the key to let the tenant in
    Where the landlord is available and attends the property for this purpose the following charges will apply between the hours of 09.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday (excluding public and Bank Holidays) £50.00 per attendance
    All other times will be £100.

I confirm that I will lock all doors and windows when I leave the property, if I fail to do so I indemnify the landlord against any cost resulting in any burglary or damage caused to the property.



The maintenance policy has been explained to me and I know in an emergency to contact the landlord directly. 
For any non urgent issues I can visit and complete the maintenance form online. 

Electricity Key Card

I confirm that if PAYG electric is at the propety, we have recieved a top up key/ card to top the electricity meter up. I acknowledge that if I were to lose this card and need to obtain another I will be liable to pay a fee of £100 for a replacement key. This card must be returned at the end of the tenancy otherwise the same charge will apply. 


I can Confirm that I have seen a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate in relation to this property. *
I can confirm that I have signed this for myself and all the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.