This form is for parents who have a student who would like to attend a one-time 50- to 70- minute seminar from an Athena's Junior Presenter. This form is *not* for enrolling in Athena's courses. For course enrollment, please refer to our Courses webpage:

Before filling out this form, be sure your child knows and understands our webinar rules. We adhere to proper online etiquette. Students should:
  • Use upper and lower case in chat.
  • Use minimum, appropriate emoticons (less than 4 during the entire webinar).
  • Post thoughts and ask questions that will help move the conversation along.
  • Focus on their own behavior.
  • Be kind and polite.
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Please note: After registering, you'll receive an email from the Junior Presenter a couple of days before the seminar. The email will include the webinar link.  Please email Dr. Kirsten at if you have any questions.

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