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This form is *not* for registration or enrollment in Athena's or AHA courses.

For course enrollment, please refer to our Registration webpage: or

Be sure to sign up at least 24 hours before the seminar! You will receive an email from the presenter a couple of days before the seminar. The email will include the webinar link. 

Before filling out this form, be sure you & your child know and understand our webinar rules. We adhere to proper online etiquette. Participants should:
  • Use upper and lower case in chat.
  • Use minimum, appropriate emoticons (less than 4 during the entire webinar).
  • Post thoughts and ask questions that will help move the conversation along.
  • Focus on their own behavior.
  • Be kind and polite.
Questions will be addressed as time allows. Participants will be able to submit questions after the webinar if needed. 
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