MRO Events Booth Plan Submission

All Island and/or raw-space booths must submit designs in order to be eligible to exhibit.

Please visit to navigate to the event where you are exhibiting. Visit the exhibitor resource center for the corresponding event for a complete description of the rules, guidelines and procedures for that event.

If you have any questions about booth plans please contact the team:

MRO Asia-Pacific: Allison Gold (; +1 718-501-7675)

MRO Europe: Arabella Miller ( ; +44 (0) 7739686733)

  1. Submission of information should be in the form of drawings and calculations, not photographs or rough sketches, as it is not possible to assess the structure without details of the stand.
  2. Plans that do not include maximum heights of all elements will not be accepted.
  3. Detailed, scaled structural drawings showing:
  • Plan and section views of the stand
  • Elevations including any steelwork and staircase details
  • Full details of any hanging structure or signage, including material used, weight and method of attachment to the truss
  • Width and position of gangways within the stand
  • Floor and/or roof loading
  • Specifications of materials used
  • Structural calculations
  • Risk assessment (to include fire hazards) and method statement
  • Public liability Insurance document
  1. Written confirmation from an independent structural engineer, with adequate Professional indemnity cover, that the design is safe for its purpose. For this purpose,
    we will send your complete sets of information to an appointed structural engineer
    working on the event drawings should contain enough detail to show exactly how the stand will be constructed including baseplates, joint construction support details etc.
  2. Calculations are to prove that the stand is stable and capable of supporting the loads of anything which will be supported i.e.: lights, speakers plasma screens etc. A nominal load should be applied for wind (0.15 kN/m2) although this appears not to apply in the halls stands have been affected by doors being open. A calculation should also be carried out for overturning this assumed to be the impact of a person (0.75 kN) at a height of 1.5m above the ground.
  3. No fixing is allowed into the hall floor at these venues, other means of securing the stands need to be considered.


Failure to submit your designs may result in an inability to exhibit.


Are you an exhibitor, exhibitor appointed contractor or something else? *
All exhibitor appointed contractors are required to complete the EAC form. If you have not done so already, please click link to complete.

Any exhibitor that plans to use a firm other than the “Official Show Vendors”, must submit the vendor’s company name, contact name, phone number and email. If you have any questions about this form, please contact Anita Wright ( The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Information Form must be completed and returned no later than Four (4) weeks prior to the event.

Please note that an EAC form is not required from exhibitors who plan to setup and dismantle their own 10x10 (9sqm) booth with their own full-time employees.

If an exhibitor plans to use a firm other than the “Official Show Vendor,” the contractor must complete and return this form no later than four (4) weeks prior to the event.

The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor must submit its insurance certificate by four (4) weeks prior to the event to Anita Joyce Wright ( The insurance certificate must name AVIATION WEEK, the name of the Contractor of Record, and the Venue, their agents, directors, and employees as additional insured, as well as exhibiting company with booth number.

If Show Management has not received your insurance certificate prior to move-in, The EAC will not be allowed access to the exhibit floor.