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To process the application for the Intensive Language Learning Program (ILP) diploma, a non-refundable application fee of $100 must be paid upon submission.

To include with the application:
- Biographical page(s) of passport(s).
- Application fee of $100.
Financial certification (affidavit of support or financial guarantee) in English.

- Tuition is $2,600 and may vary giving the type, length, and intensity of course of study. For information about latest tuition of other programs/services, click on Pricing.      

- Airport pick-up fee of $80 (TOL) / $160 (DTW). [if requested]

- Housing placement fee ($200). [if requested] Formsite - Edit

- Acceptance package mailing fee of $120 for international shipping & $65 for national shipping. [if requested]


Financial Certification:

Financial certification is required to process I-20 forms for prospective full-time students. Therefore, applicant must provide proof of sufficient funds to meet tuition, health insurance, and major living expenses. Funds should cover all family members (dependents) who might travel with the applicant in order to receive F-2 visa(s). Any ONE of the following forms of financial support is acceptable:

  1. A recent and original bank letter showing the account balance of the source of financial support;

  2. A recent and original personal bank statement;

  3. Both an affidavit of support from parents or other source of support stating that they will be responsible for the student’s expenses throughout the Intensive Language Learning Program (ILP) Diploma at Davis College, AND a bank statement verifying the family sponsor’s financial ability to meet all major expenses; OR

  4. An official scholarship letter from a government or any other lawful sponsor, or official financial guarantee from applicant’s employer, or a bank affidavit letter.

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Visa Information

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Additional Services

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Supporting Documents

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Tuition and Fees*


Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $100 is required with your completed application as to process your enrollment.



Tuition must be paid for the entire registered session(s) before the first day of classes. Tuition discounts can be offered if tuition is fully paid in advance for 2 sessions or more. Please click on PRICING for the current tuition and fees.


Proof of Financial Responsibility

United States immigration laws require valid documentation that an F-1students have sufficient funds to cover their program of study and living expenses while they reside in the United States. Applicants must provide proof of financial responsibility that specific funds are available to cover the first year. The applicant hereby understands that he/she is responsible for his/her expenses during the entire stay and has sufficient fund to cover all expenses of the first year (about $24,000, including tuitions, educational expenses, and other life expenses) as demonstrated by the attached financial support.


Housing Fee

Housing fees range between $450-850 per month per student. Rent is based on housing type, location, and whether or not other benefits (e.g., meals & transportation) are included. Housing placement fee of $200 must be paid with the application if this service is requested. Service is based on first come first served basis.


Medical Insurance Plan

Health insurance is essential in the United States as medical costs are tremendously high. Therefore, our students must have a valid insurance policy that covers any major illness during their stay in the United States. Students may purchase medical insurance through us or have their own. If a student purchased a medical insurance in the home country with medical coverage in the United States, he/she must show valid proof of coverage. Students who are sponsored by their government or any other sponsor should also show valid insurance coverage. Students will not be allowed to start classes until they either show valid proof of insurance or acquire a new insurance policy. We offer medical plans through an agent which is reasonably priced at $120 per month (4 months minimum).


Airport Pickup Fee

If requested, applicant can be picked up from the selected airport upon arrival. Fees are as follows:

 Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) = $160

  Toledo Airport (TOL) = $80


Textbooks, Study Materials, & Lab Fees

Included with the tuition.


* All tuition and fees are listed in U.S. dollars. All tuition and associated fees for the registered course(s) must be paid before the first day of classes. Pricing and terms are subject to change. Applicants and current students will be informed officially of any adjustments in pricing.

Cancellation and Refund Policy Upon Withdrawal

The official withdrawal date is defined as the date the program director is notified of the withdrawal. Appropriate tuition charges will be calculated based on the official last date of attendance. The student must submit written withdraw note to start the refund process.

Withdrawal Refund

Last date of enrollment in the program is within 1st Calendar Week: 75%

Last date of enrollment in the program is within 2ndCalendar Week: 50%

Last date of enrollment in the program is after the 2nd Calendar Week: NO REFUND

Tuition and other service fees, except the application fee, are refundable if the application is not accepted or if the student is denied his/her student visa (with an official proof of the visa denial). All incurred charges, such as shipping or housing placement fees, will not be refunded.

Tuition and fees paid for future sessions are refundable if not controlled by a multi-term agreement.

In case the program or course has been cancelled subsequent to enrollment, all tuition and fees (except the above-mentioned exclusions) will be refunded.

Refunds will be processed within 30 calendar days from the date of the written request for currently enrolled students, OR 30 days from the date of determination/termination if the student is no longer enrolled, whichever is applicable.

Applicant Acknowledgements

- I agree to pay fees IN FULL upon registration. Tuition and fee amounts are based on the fee structure in place at the time of enrollment. We reserve the right to change policies, procedures, requirements, courses, textbooks, tuition, and fees without prior notice.

- By signing this application and enrolling, the undersigned agrees to be bound and governed, during his/her enrollment at Davis College, by rules, regulations, and procedures as established and set forth in the Academic Catalog, Catalog Supplement, and Student Handbook as revised or supplemented by Davis College from time to time.

- This application maybe cancelled and all refundable fees paid to the school will be refunded within 7 to 10 business days after the date of signing provided we are notified of the cancellation in writing AND before the first day of classes.

- The applicant by signing this agreement acknowledges that he/she has read it thoroughly, understands the terms and conditions, and agrees to the outlined conditions and refund policies. The applicant and Davis College/American Learning Advant-edge will retain a copy of this agreement.

- In compliance with the State Board of Career and Schools rules, I clarify that I have been made aware of and understand that: “All problems or complaints that I have about Davis College, whether or not the problems or complains have been resolved to my satisfaction by the school, may at my option be directed to the executive Director, State Board of Career and Schools, 30 East Broad Street, Suite 2481, Columbus, Ohio 43215 (877) 275-4219, email:

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