Notification of change of details

Use this form to apply to Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Deployment Registry (AEDDR) for assessment and registration of an AED under AEDDR 1410
You must complete one form for each AED
Who should AEDDR contact if there is a query about this form?

Tick the details below that have changed and complete only that section, with the newly correct details

1. Details of the Applicant/Registrant

2. Details of the workplace

3. Details for ambulance
If consent to public access is granted these details will be available as part of the public register.

4. Consent for public access
It is agreed that the information contained in items 3 and 5 will be available to the public both in written and mapping form both via the internet and smart phone applications at It is further agreed that a member of the public is granted access to the AED in the event of a cardiac emergency.

5. Normal hours of public access (excluding public holidays)

6. Details of AED

7. AED accessibility

8. AED reliability

9. AED ease of use

10. AED training

This form must be signed by a manager with appropriate delegation or a professional consultant with professional indemnity insurance cover of at least $5 million dollars.
I certify that the information in this form is true and correct

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