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Hello Church Members and Non Profit Organizations,

Having a communication system such as this makes communicating with your congregation/group fast and easy with important information, such as, service reminders and announcements, church events, prayer requests, and much more. Better communication with your congregation leads to increased attendance at your Church or group.

Our system is so easy to use!

It Only takes a few minutes to reach everyone!

No More Phone Trees or Prayer Chains!!

No hardware or software to purchase or install.

Special Low Pricing, Exclusively for Churches/Non Profits:

Up to 50 Member System is only $129.99 per year
51-75 Member System is only $179.99 per year

76-100 Member System is only $229.99 per year

101-125 Member System is only $269.99 per year

126-150 Member System is only $299.99 per year

Over 150 Member systems is only $1.99, per member, per year, unlimited usage included.

All voice only systems include:

* Unlimited calling
* Unlimited calling sub groups *
* Custom caller id of your choosing
* Free system setup
* 12 month annual plan
* No extra charge for out of area long distance numbers (within the U.S.)

Getting a system started is very easy, simply fill out the information below. Once we receive the information, our programmers will setup your system and will email you back with the instructions to start using the system right away. No need to pre-pay, after your system is setup, we will email you an invoice, which can be paid with a check in the mail.

First step is to make sure you have your group list ready, we will need that to create your system.

Format your calling list like this example: (use Excel or Word), you need at least 1 list to get started, but you can add/delete lists all year long. Email us if you have any questions:

No names needed (you can include names, but we remove them from the database), only area code & phone numbers, just 1 long column.
List Name
Area code + Phone number

Please Select The Size System You Would Like Setup For Your Church/Group Below:  

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