This form can be used to request 8" x 10" (20 x 25cm) lab samples of a single décor, a standard combination or a custom combination.

Use these questions to help you specify the correct product:
  • Does the project require Class A Fire Rating?  (If yes, choose Lumiform resin.)
  • What gauge should be specified for the size of the piece? (For help determining gauge requirements, use the Deflection Matrix.)
  • How will the sheet be installed? (Vertical, Horizontal, Framed, Standoffs, etc. View Lumicor hardware info.)
  • Does the project require Add-Ons such as Illume or Chemshield? (View Lumicor Add-On info.)
  • Are there any size limitations to the decor that has been chosen? (Go to the desired décor product page to determine gauge and panel size limitations.)

Delivery Method *
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