Million Mile Challenge

Walking 1,000,000 miles is going to be a team effort. So, in the spirit of a little healthy competition, we’re beginning an Olympic Challenge. Every Girl Scout grade-level represents a team. We have Team Daisy (blue), Team Brownie (brown), Team Junior (purple), Team Cadette (red) and Team Senior & Ambassador (orange). Any participating adults and/or community members can choose the team with which they will be walking. 

All participants can report their miles or minutes on the first of every month. Thirty minutes counts as one mile toward our goal. You can report your activity as an individual or as a group. If you are walking as a troop or group, you should designate a captain for your team and he or she can report your group’s total miles each month. Make sure to enter your personal information the same way every month so we can track your miles. You will be eligible for rewards throughout the year when you’ve hit certain milestones! 

The grade-level teams with the highest average per girl will be crowned the Healthy Promise Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalists in the Spring of 2014! We will report each team’s progress on our website monthly. Check-in often to see how your team is doing!

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