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WEA10 - Noticed Exemption Activities in Wetlands

This form is to provide notice for exempt activities as required in Section 1-11.11(1)(b), Wetlands, and/or Section 1-14.05(a), Mangrove Trimming and Preservation, Rules of the EPC.  A fee for this review is not required. Incomplete applications, including omission of required drawings/site plan, will not be processed until all missing information is provided.  Please attach drawings and required documents.  Drawings must show 1) parcel boundaries, 2) existing shoreline, 3) wetland boundary (ditch and/or pond), and 4) location of proposed activities.

1. Property Owner Information

2. Agent Information (if applicable)

3. Site Information



4. Proposed Noticed Exemption Activity in Wetlands

Please refer to Section 1-11.11(1)(b), Wetlands, Rules of the EPC.
Select the Exempt Activitie(s) you are proposing.

5. Types of Exempt Mangrove Trimming Proposed

Please refer to Section 1-14.05(a), Mangrove Trimming and Preservation, Rules of the EPC.  If selecting option (c) or (d), documentation is required and can be submitted below.  Trimming mangroves below 6 feet in height will not be permitted.  A Professional Mangrove Trimmer (PMT) may be required.
Select the Exempt Activitie(s) you are proposing.

6. Additional Information for Trimming Mangroves

a. Has a conservation easement or any other restriction been placed on the property?
b. Has a mangrove trimming, dock or dredge and fill permit been previously issued for this property?

7. General Description and Comments

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