2014-2015 Leadership Academy Application

To apply for the Arkansas Bar Association 2014-2015 Leadership Academy, please complete the informaiton below. Applications must be submitted by the extended deadline - August 31, 2014 for consideration. You will receive an email confirmation to the address listed once the application has been submitted. If you do not receive this email, please contact us. If you have any questions regarding the 2014-2015 Leadership Academy program, please visit our website by Clicking Here or contact ltrogden@arkbar.com
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Arkansas Bar Association
Short Essay
(4) List the three most important issues facing the legal profession that you believe will require leadership to improve or resolve:
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Applicant Agreement
As an applicant for the Arkansas Bar Association 2014-2015 Leadership Academy program, I acknowledge by signing this Applicant Release, to the following:
1)  I have reviewed the event dates and am willing to make the commitment to attend each of the sessions and the graduation ceremony in their entirety.
2)  I authorize the Arkansas Bar Association to use my name, picture and/or biography in printed materials, publicity, promotions, advertising and/or recordings or reproduction of the same in connection with the 2014-2015 Leadership Academy.
3)  If accepted, I agree to be responsible for the tuition of $1,100, due by October 15, 2014, or I will forfeit my position in the class of 2014-2015.  I am aware that need based scholarships are available, and that I am eligible to apply for a scholarship if needed.  (To apply for a scholarship, please complete the separate scholarship application by August 31, 2014)
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