Student Evaluation - Library Instruction

Please help us assess our library instructional services by giving us some feedback on today's session. 
Your responses are anonymous.
* The librarian who provided the class instruction was:
* The librarian who provided the class instruction was:
* Please select the class you are registered for:
* Areas that the librarian covered included (select all that apply)
* After the session with the Librarian, do you feel that you have learned something new?

Please provide us with your feedback regarding the Librarian's instruciton.

* The Librarian shows interest in and enthusiasm for the session
* The Librarian was able to adequately answer questions
* The Librarian was prepared for the class session
* The Librarian is able to communicate the subject matter effectively
* The Librarian encourages questions and/or class participation
* Overall, what is your level of satisfaction of the instruction provided
Thank you for taking the time to provide us with some feedback on today's library instruction. 
* Indicates Response Required
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