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UGA Course Request Form for Incoming International Exchange Students

Setting up an account:

Form Login Account (optional): You can click here to set up an account so you can partially complete this form and return later to finish it. Returning users can also login to the account by accessing the link above. 

Please review the following information before submitting your OIE Exchange Student Course Request Form below.  The Office of International Education (OIE) will seek approval for UGA courses of greatest interest to you. Please provide a list of 4 preferred subjects and 4 alternate subjects no later than March 15.

Possible limitations:

This form is only a "request" for preferred courses/classes. We cannot guarantee full access to all specific courses you wish to take. Possible limitations may prevent you from taking a course if (a) you do not have pre-requisites to take the course or (b) the course is in high demand, full, or exclusive to degree-seeking students. Note that the Business, Journalism, Public Relations, and International Affairs are usually oversubscribed. You may need to consider alternate courses in related areas. For Business Students: In general, business students may enroll in a maximum of 3 business courses per semester and 2 courses within the same business department (ACCT/FINA/ECON/MKTG/MGMT, etc.)

The OIE will do its best so that students have a timetable prior to arrival on campus. Upon arrival, you will be make small edits to your course schedule by adding/dropping courses during the first week of class. Graduate students will register for courses after arrival to UGA, in cooperation with their host department graduate coordinator.  

Choosing courses:

  1. Check the Schedule of Courses offered: the timetable of classes and specific sections are listed. Multiple sessions may be taught by different instructors. Make sure you choose only “Athens campus”;
  1. Check the UGA Bulletin: use the bulletin to search for course description, verify course pre-requisites, and read a sample syllabus. Make sure you choose courses for which you meet the pre-requisites;
  1. Choose courses pertinent to your academic level (undergraduate or graduate):
  • Undergraduate Level: classes numbered 1000-4999; Business and Journalism also offer 5000 level classes, which are also undergraduate level.
  • Graduate Level: classes numbered 5000 - 6999+; Only graduate students have access to these courses.
  1. Consider taking English as a Second Language courses. Check the courses below in the UGA bulletin to read a course description:
  • UNIV 1101: Special Skills in ESL/Written & Oral Skills
  • UNIV 1105: Special Skills in ESL Grammar Skills
  • UNIV 1117: Basic Composition for Multilingual Writers
  • UNIV 2202: Basic Composition for Multilingual Writers

If you have questions, please contact your Education Abroad advisor at To contact Marcia Crippen directly, you can send an email to

Student Information:


Preferred Subjects for Upcoming Semester:

1. Choosing a course from the schedule of classes:  
Please review the example below before submitting your course requests. Suppose you want to request the course FINA 4810. The screenshot below was taken from the UGA schedule of classes and it contains information you will use in this course request form: 
Course subject: FINA                                                Instructor: Moore
Course number 4810                                                 Course days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Course title: International Finance                             Course times: 10:10am - 11:00am or 
Credits: 3                                                                                             11:15am - 12:05pm  
Course Registration Number (CRN): 13157 or 13158 depending on what time best fits in your schedule
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2. Looking up course pre-requisites:  
You can check if this course has specific pre-requisites or special permissions using the UGA Bulletin. By entering the course subject and number, you will find a brief description, sample syllabi, and pre-requisites for the course.  
Course pre-requisites: FINA 3000                                     
You can access the UGA Bulletin again and check that FINA 3000 is a course about Financial Management. If you think you fulfill this pre-requisite because you took this course or a similar one at your home university, you can request FINA 4810. Academic advisors at the UGA Finance department will analyze your transcript to check that you have the pre-requisites. If you think you don't have pre-requsiites, we recommend that you consider other courses to enhance your chances to be granted permission to attend them. 
You can fill out in the form with
a. The course pre-requisites from the UGA Bulletin and
b. The courses you took that help you fulfill that pre-requisite.  
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Preferred Subjects:
 Course subject (4 letters)Course number (4 digits)CRN (5-digit course number)Course titleCreditsDoes this course require prerequisite(s)?Do you have the prerequisite(s) to take this course?Comments
Preferred 1
Preferred 2
Preferred 3
Preferred 4

Alternate Subjects for Upcoming Semester:

List alternate class choices, in rank order of preference, using the same procedures you used for preferred courses. 
Alternate Subjects:
 Course subject (4 letters)Course number (4 digits)CRN (5-digit course number)Course titleCreditsDoes this course require prerequisite(s)?Do you have the prerequisite(s) to take this course?Comments
Alternate 1
Alternate 2
Alternate 3
Alternate 4