Superintendent's Survey

The Forest Hills School District believes it should strive to deliver the kind of educational excellence that our community expects. We hope to learn what you believe are the most important attributes of a high performing school district that go beyond measures traditionally found on a state or national report card.

Your responses to questions 1-7 should be ranked in order, 1 through 5, with 1 representing the most important and 5 representing the least important.

Has and retains a staff of high quality teachers
Has comprehensive educational programs so all students can succeed
Has a high percentage of parent and community involvement and support in school and student activities
Provides a number of and variety of extracurricular activities
Provides a safe and secure learning environment that is supportive of the comprehensive educational programs
Preparing students with 21st century learning and technology skills
Assuring students graduate ready to compete for good jobs
Preparing students for college and/or vocational training
Preparing students with social and emotional tools to handle the demands of the adult world
Engaging students in real world experiences beyond the walls of the classroom (i.e. educational travel, internships, field trips, service opportunities …)
Graduates’ success at college and/or career experiences
Diverse co- and extracurricular offerings that develop the whole child
High student achievement reflected in standardized tests (AP, ACT, SAT, etc) and state report cards
Leadership skills taught and opportunities provided to students throughout their educational experience at FHSD
Unique experiences available to students that take learning beyond the classroom
The overall condition of the schools
The overall safety aspects and security of the schools
The buildings address and are adaptable to current and future educational needs (i.e.: science labs and technology)
The buildings are accessible to students with disabilities meeting ADA specifications
The buildings provide optimal learning environments including proper lighting, air temperature, proper humidity, and noise levels
How our students perform on Ohio achievement tests
How our students perform on national achievement tests (ACT, Advanced Placement, SAT, etc.)
The awards and recognitions our students, staff, schools and district receive
The District’s report card, published by the Ohio Department of Education
The academic results of area and similar school districts
Controlling costs to extend the life of our current funding sources
Updating/renovating district facilities to ensure they meet the safety and academic needs of students
Maintaining current class sizes (student/teacher ratios)
Attracting and retaining quality staff by paying salaries comparable to area school districts
Making sure students continue to have access to current educational materials (books, lab equipment, technology, etc.)
The district consistently receives the highest rating on the school report card, as issued from the Ohio Department of Education
The high percentage of high school students who take Advanced Placement and/or dual credit courses.
The percentage of high school students who are college and career ready
The opportunity for students to be involved in a number of programs such as the arts, athletics, bands, choirs, orchestras, clubs and cultural experiences
The individual needs of students are met, regardless of where they are on the educational continuum
* Indicates Response Required